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Granary of Taiwan – Agricultural County
Geographical environment

Changhua County spans across 40km from south to north and from east to west, resembling the shape of an isosceles triangle. Located in central Taiwan, the county covers an area of 1,074.3960 km2, making it the smallest county with the laudatory title of “Granary of Taiwan – Agricultural County”. Changhua’s territory consists of two major terrains, including plain and plateau endowed with fertile soil and abundant agricultural products, making an important plain in western Taiwan. Plains constitute 87.68% of the county’s area, the other terrain is in the form of Bagua Terrain. The highest mountain in the county – Hengshan Mountain – is located in this area. Changhua County is surrounded by mountains and water, and bordered by Zhuoshui River and Dadu River in the south and north, and by Bagua Mountain and Taiwan Strait in the north west and east.

Changhua MAP

Changhua County is currently comprised of 2 cities, 6 towns and 18 townships spread across a total area of 1,074 km2. The population in Changhua is approximately 1.28 million. In 1946, Taichung Prefecture was reorganized as Taichung County Government and Changhua City Government. In 1950, Changhua County Government was founded with 2 municipalities: Changhua City and Yuanlin City; 24 towns and townships: Lukang Town, Hemei Town, Beidou Town, Xihu Town, Tianzhong Town, Erlin Town, Xianxi Township, Shengang Township, Fuxing Township, Xiushui Township, Huatan Township, Fenyuan Township, Dacun Township, Puyan Township, Puxin Township, Yongjing Township, Shetou Township, Ershui Township, Tianwei Township, Pitou Township, Fangyuan Township, Dacheng Township, Zhutang Township, Xizhou Township.