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Baiguo Mountain Exploration Paradise
Here you will find the only recreation area in prehistoric dinosaurs’ natural habit in an actual forest. Everything is based on research by scientists including the shake of the head, the roaring, and the physical proportions. Nearly forty realistic dinosaur replicas, including movie mainstays such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the placid Brachiosaurus, the calm Triceratops breathe life and power into the park.
Tourists can get a taste of what it's like to visit “Jurassic Park”, check out classic scenes and relive unforgettable events from the movie such as “Dinosaur attack on the bus” and “Dinosaur trampling a car”. This is a family-oriented effort to create even more memories of close encounters with the dinosaurs.
Baiguo Mountain Exploration Paradise
Baiguo Mountain Exploration Paradise
Put on the bulky VR goggles, sit in the servo-driven egg-shaped cabin, and choose your own adventure! The immersive experience will amaze your eyes and fire up your adrenaline! Get in the 720-degree aircraft cockpit, tighten your seat belt, and grip the launcher tightly. As you roll through all 720 degrees of motion, test how steady and accurate you are by shooting down enemies coming from all directions! Tighten your seat belt, put on 3D glasses and hold your IR gun steady. As the chair rumbles and shakes, show the incoming monsters who will be the MVP today! Just wait and see!
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    Parent-child tour

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    No. 12-1, Chushui Alley, Yuanlin City, Changhua County

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