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Lukang Tianhou Temple
No.430, Zhongshan Rd., Lukang Township
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Lukang Tianhou Temple was built in the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty; the temple enshrines Goddess Mazu, which was one of tutelary gods for people in Minnan area in early days. In the 3rd year of Emperor Yongzheng in Qing Dynasty (1725), Shi, Shi-bang contributed the place and relocated the Mazu Temple to current location in today.

The Tianhou Temple was renovated in the 13th year of Emperor Tongzhi in Qing Dynasty (1874) and the 11th year of Emperor Showa (1936) in succession. Today’s temple appearance is the pattern and layout from the renovation in the 11th year of Emperor Showa. The temple was appointed as the third-class historic site in 1985 and a Mazu Folk Art Hall was established in 1992.

Tianhou Temple still preserves the “Shen Zhao Hai Biao” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Yongzheng, the “Shen Zhao Hai Biao” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Qianlong, the “Yu Tian Tong Gong” horizontal inscribed board bestowed by Emperor Guangxu, and horizontal inscribed boards presented by Fujian Governor Shao-Lan Wang, Lukang officers Lan-Pei Wang and Shou-Ming Sun, and Fujian Land Route Prefect Wen-Mo Xu. All are Lukang Tianhou Temple’s very important cultural assets.

The temple has the layout of three structures and two yards; it has front Hall (Sanchuan Hall), main Hall, and back Hall. Sanchuan Hall has five shop widths' structure pattern; it has Eight Trigrams Door at both sides. Main door’s space extends inward and forms an “Au-Shou” pattern, creating a gradational space aesthetic for Sanchuan Hall. The stone carvings and wood carvings in Sanchuan Hall were made of exquisite carving skills; those are hailed as one of the most delicate works in Taiwan by the academic circles. Tianhou Temple’s splendid stone window carvings, protruding dragon and tiger stone carvings, and delicate color drawing and woodcarvings on building frames are great master’s crafts that worth you to taste slowly. Gorgeous Lukang Tianhou Temple-2
Meizhou Mazu from Tianhou Temple, Lukang not only has a large number of followers, its longstanding history and majestic demeanor is also famed across the globe. In particular, the temple’s opulent architecture, archaic carvings, and painting by master artisans emanate superb craftsmanship, therefore it has been given the laudatory title of a Palace Hall of Arts.
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During pilgrimage between January and March on the Chinese calendar every year, countless pilgrims flock to the temple, packing the venue like sardines in a can.
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