Beautiful Changhua
Changhua Railway Roundhouse
No.1, Sec. 1, Zhangmei Rd., Changhua City
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Changhua Railway Roundhouse is the only one in Taiwan, at the same time, the steam train head is also very rarely now. When the steam train head finished its final trip and drives into the fan-shaped garage, this garage obtained both historic and culture value.
Why it calls "Fan-shaped Train Head Hotel" is because-when train head runs long distance and drives into for maintenance, it's like the train head go to a hotel to take rest.
When get into the Roundhouse, first you will see two robots which attract children's attention very much. Then, technical staffs fix and maintain the train head busily with all electronic and steamed trains stand together. Magnificent Changhua Railway Roundhouse-3
Turntable Moves Locomotives

After entering Changhua Depot, you will notice that depot personnel are busy maintaining and servicing the locomotives. Through turning the turntable, the fan-shaped tracks will rotate the locomotives, allowing them to enter or exit the garage, which accommodates both electric and steam locomotives.
Spectacular Changhua Railway Roundhouse-4
After completing the nostalgic journey, the steam locomotive was relocated to Changhua fan-shaped train garage, in turn imbuing it with historical and cultural preservation values.
Fantastic Changhua Railway Roundhouse-1
Locomotive Hotel

Taiwan Railways Changhua Depot locomotive roundhouse was constructed in 1922. Featuring tracks fanning out from the roundhouse, it is also known as fan-shaped train garage. After traveling long distances, the locomotives enter the roundhouse to rest and undergo service; therefore, it was nicknamed “Locomotive Hotel”.
Grand Changhua Railway Roundhouse-2
Children’s Favorite – Robots After entering the gates of the depot, you will notice two unique robots fabricated from scrap metal by technicians at Taiwan Railways Administration. When visiting the fan-shaped train garage, children are often mesmerized by the robots. Admission: Free Guided tour service: If you need guided tour service, please make reservation in advance. Contact information for fan-shaped train garage: Managed by: Changhua Depot, Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC Address: No. 1, Sec. 1, Zhangmei Rd., Changhua City Tel.: 04-7624438 Fax: 04-7624438 (same number as the public use telephone, please call in advance to inform if you intend to send a fax)
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