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Confucius Temple
As the largest Confucius Temple constructed in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty, To this day, the original architecture of the ancient Confucius Temple has been preserved. Magnificent Confucius Temple-4
Changhua Confucius Temple is an important symbol of cultural education development in central Taiwan. Established in the fourth year of the Yongzheng Period (1726) by Magistrate Hao, Chang. It is where the former Changhua County School was located. Dacheng Hall is in the center, flanked by East and West Side Buildings. The passage and Ji Gate are in the front, and the Yilu Gate and Li Gate are situated in the east and west respectively. Lingxing Gate is situated on the right side out front, the Chongsheng Shrine is at the back, Minglun Hall on the left, and the school behind that. The current scale of the complex began to emerge during the early years of its construction, but the preserved appearance and layout is the result of a major renovation on year 10 of Daoguang (1830).
Glamorous Confucius Temple-2
Only the trained eye will notice the grand scale of the architecture. In addition to the Confucius Temple, there are other buildings including Baisha Academy and Minglun Hall (Hall of Edification). Only the axial buildings have been preserved, such as Lingxing Gate, Li Gate (Gate of Rites), Yilu Gate, Ji Gate, Dacheng Hall, East and West Side Buildings and rear hall Chongsheng Shrine etc.
Picturesque Confucius Temple-3
Confucius is the main deity enshrined in the temple Dacheng Hall: As wide as the width of five halls and surrounded by corridors on 4 sides, the building features mountain-shaped roof and the stone Danchi (red stage) in the front, forming exquisite architecture. Dragon Pillars: A pair of dragon pillars emanates majesty and masculinity, the extraordinary craftsmanship involved in carving the dragon pillar makes them true masterpieces in Taiwan. Shrine: The shrine in the center of Dacheng Hall is delicately engraved, enshrining Confucius’s tablet. The students of Confucius are enshrined on either side of the Confucius Temple.
Grand Confucius Temple-1
Confucius Temple with blue sky and verdant field as the backdrop.
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    No.30, Kongmen Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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    Tuesday ~ Sunday: 08:30-17:00 (Closed on Mondays,folk festivals)

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    Public transport: After disembarking at Changhua Train Station, walk along Guangfu Rd. and make a right turn at Minsheng Rd. Then, turn left at Kongmen Rd. to reach the destination located on the left hand side.

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