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Confucius Temple
The Confucius Temple, Chunghua is a key icon of the development of education in Central Taiwan. Built in 1726, County Magistrate Chang Hao initiated construction of the Confucian Temple, which houses the county school. The Confucian Temple consists of the main hall (Dacheng Hall) and the east/west wings. A corridor in front leads to the hall through Ji Men (Gate of Disarmament). The east is the Path of Righteousness (Yi Lu) and the west is the Gate of Rites (Li Men). The front is led by the Linxing Gate and the rear hosts the Chongsheng Shrine. The left is the Minglun Hall and the rear wing houses a school. Today's Confucian Temple is the result of the major renovation in 1830 based on the original structure.

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