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Recommended Tours

Three-day Tour
From old streets to the city, from the coasts to the flower fields. Its fun to taste the real Taiwan!
Three Day
Three Day Tour
Three-day Tour of the Changhua Area
Route Planning
Day1: History of Changhua (Confucius Temple, fan-shape depot) →Baguashan Giant Buddha Scenic Area→Changhua Erawan Buddha→Fenkeng Community Rice Noodle Industry (lunch) →Baozang Temple (sightseeing) →Baiguoshan Scenic Area→Yuanlin Xingxian Academy →Yuanlin Guangming Street (hawker fair: chicken feet, glutinous ball ice, night market)

Day 2: Yongjingyu Mansion→Tianwei Highway Garden →Xihu Sugar Plant for the history of the sugar industry (popsicles and mini-train ride) →Wanggong Fishing Port [lighthouse, pier, bridge, mangrove, sunset, and oyster craft]

Day 3: Gubao Wetland Bird Reservation→A tour of history in Lukang [Longshan Temple, Tianhou Temple] →Chang-Bin→Show Chwan Health Center→Brands Health Museum→Taiwan Glass Gallery→Return