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Craft Tour

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The studio boasts professional-level talent classes, offering opportunities for ...
address:No.192, Chenggong Rd., Changhua City
Shih Chiao-yung Folk Art Workshop
According to the legend, dough figurines originated from Zhuge Liang’s “gelatino...
address:No.6, Putou St., Lukang Township
Wu Art Museum
  Wu Art Museum is the only dough figurine museum in Taiwan, now its tenth year ...
address: No.151, Ln. 439, Sec. 4, Zhangshui Rd., Xihu Township
Huang Ma-ching Wood Sculpture Workshop
A middle-aged sculptor, Huang Ma-ching was born in the Beitou fishing village, L...
address:No.37, Beixing Street, Tungshih Ward, Lukang Township
Huatai Sculpture Center
  Shih Cheng-yang was born in Lukang township in 1946. His father Shih Kun-yun, ...
address:No.23-1011, Chiukang Ln, Tingtsu Ward, Lukang Township
Wanneng Tin Art Specialty Shop - Zhanglu Road Store
With over 100 years of history, tin is a silver metal with gray luster and is wi...
address:No.635, Sec. 7, Zhanglu Rd., Lukang Township
Songxia Studio
Known to locals as Master Song Lin, Songlin, Li (1907-1999) started his wood car...
address:No.28, Putou St., Lukang Township
EVJ Lantern Art Studio
EVJ Lantern Art Studio is specialized in arts of watercolor and traditional Chin...
address:No.337, Zhongshan Rd., Lukang Township
Qiaoxin 3D Embroidery
Based on traditional embroideries, Chenchun Xu’s 3D embroidery skills have infus...
address:No.20, Siwei Rd., Lukang Township
Wanneng Tinart, Longshan Temple
Wanneng Tin art is one of the few tin art stores in Lukang. Owned by Chen Wannen...
address:No.81, Longshan St., Lukang Township, Changhua