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Shao Pin Snail Ecological Farm
Snail farming is a newly developed business in Taiwan. Taiwan Shao Pin Snail Eco...
address:No.170, Sec.1, Huanhe Rd., Xihu Township
Evin’s Color Fun Gallery
Since founded in 1977, Evin’s has received numerous certifications abroad, the s...
address:No.296, Sanhao Rd., Beidou Township
Alice Garden
The first litchi parent-child theme park in Taiwan It is a happy park woven wit...
address:No. 167, Zhongshan Rd., Fenyuan Township
Bagua Mountain Skywalk
  Bagua Mountain Skywalk was built by the Changhua County Government to connect ...
address:No.8-1, Guashan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County
Taiwan Cellar
Occupying 7920km2 of land in addition to displaying all the wines produced by th...
Yixin Garden
Located in the park district at the end of Tianwei Freeway, Yixin Garden is a pa...
address:No.16, Putou St., Lukang Township, Changhua
Wangong Fishing Port
Landmark of Wanggong- Lighthouse The most prominent landmark of Wanggong- Fangy...
address:No.900, Yugang Rd., Fangyuan Township
C-119 Military Aircraft Park
C-119 transport plane, nicknamed “Flying Boxcar” was a carrier of paratroopers. ...
address:No.21, Guashan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua
Smalleye Backpacker
It is a simple and passionate town as well as the largest production area for re...
address:No. 41, Zhaifa Road, Erlin Township
Shimeiyu Incense Co., Ltd.
C.T. Shih of Linpu House established Shimeiyu Incense Store at Cenchiang, Jinchi...
address:No. 23, Ln. 897, Darao Rd., Yuanlin City