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Beidou Dianan Temple
The old temple was listed as a national monument in 1983. However, since it has ...
address:No.120, Sec. 1, Douyuan Rd., Beidou Township
Shin Ho Chun Handmade Fermented Soy Sauce Factory
Shin Ho Chun Handmade Fermented Soy Sauce Factory was established during the Tai...
address:No. 592, Section 1, Shedou Road, Shetou Township
Mr. Lin Temple
From 1709 to 1719, with the name of “Shi Zhangling” - the title for an explorati...
address:No.227, Sec. 2, Yuanji Rd., Ershui Township
Guanlin Temple
It enshrines Zhu royal highness. It origins from Xianlong yashen year (1764) whe...
address:Lixing St., Lukang Township, Changhua County
Fuan Temple
Built in year 109 before the ROC , now the temple is over two hundred years old....
address:No.1, Xinshan St., Xihu Township, Changhua County
Xian Shrine, the Temple Under the Tree
The aerial roots of the huge banyan tree embrace Xian Temple. Mainly worship: ...
address:Dalun 2nd Ln., Dacun Township, Changhua County
Baima Feng Pu-Tian Temple
Baima Feng Pu-Tian Temple is located at Fangle Street, Fangzhong Village. The te...
address:No.100, Ln. 161, Fang Sec. 2, Fanghan Rd
Fuhai Temple
Built in 1812, Fuhai Temple occupies a huge area of land. In the temple square, ...
address:No.2, Wanggong Sec., Fanghan Rd.
Zhang Yu Gu Temple
Local people also called Shen Qing Temple as Zhang Yu Gu Temple. Located near th...
address:Xidi Rd., Shengang Township, Changhua County
Ciling Temple
It is mainly for worshiping Xiqin Wangye (the Lord of Western Qin), the patron o...
address:Liaocuo Ln., Lukang Township, Changhua County