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Exhibitions & Museums

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Zhang Bin Show-Chwan Health Park 2
Within Zhang Bin Show Chwan Health Park, we can find the latest medical equipmen...
address:No.6, Lukong Rd., Lukang Township
Taiwan Socks Museum
 The Taiwan Socks Museum is housed in the historic Tungjenshe mansion, which sit...
address: No.6, Shezhan Rd, Shetou Township
Taiwan Formosan Rock Monkey Ecological Hall
There are nearly 40 excellent volunteers in the hall that are well trained to le...
address:No.20, Sec. 1, Yuanji Rd., Ershui Township
Taiwan You Good School of Cookies
It is the only biscuit-themed tourism factory in Taiwan. Under the leadership of...
address:No.5, Ln 501, Caofeng Rd, Xianxi Township
Lukang Artists Village
Previously, the location of Lukang Artist Village was called “mullet squatter”, ...
address:Lukang Township, Changhua County
Police Museum
Originally, it was the officials’ quarters for the Yuanlin Town Office. It was a...
address: No. 14, Sanmin Street, Yuanlin City, Changhua County
1895 Baguashan Anti-Japanese Martyrs' Museum1
To commemorate the 1895 "Baguashan Anti-Japanese Battle", County Magistrate, Cho...
address:No.500, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Changhua City
Lukang Folk Arts Museum
During Japanese Occupation, Gu Xian-rong set up “De-he-hang” at Taipei to conduc...
address:No.152, Zhongshan Rd., Lukang Township
 BRAND’S Health Museum
Brands is the enterprise that promises to be your “Lifelong Companion of Your He...
address:No.18, Lukong Rd., Lukang Township
Changhua Art Museum1
Garbage Truck Depot Shed off to Become an Art Gallery Changhua Zhongshan Hall w...
address:No.542, Zhongshan Rd., Changhua City