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Historic Monuments

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Yongjing Public School Dormitory
In 1898, the local gentry of Yongjing, including Chuang-Chen Ru-Gan and Wei Shan...
address:No.2, Lane 25, Yongpo Rd., Yongjing Township
Baguashan Giant Buddha Scenic Area  1
Mt. Bagua Buddha Scenic Area features lush greenery and beautiful day and night ...
address:No.8-1, Guashan Rd., Changhua City
Xihu Village Military Field
The original Xihu Village Military field was a 2-floor building constructed with...
address:No.245, Sec. 3, Yuanlu Rd., Xihu Township
Lukang Ai (“Narrow”) Gate
Currently only the Ai Gate in Houche Lane left. This Ai Gate was built in the 10...
address:Houche Ln., Lukang Township
Confucius Temple
The Confucius Temple, Chunghua is a key icon of the development of education in ...
address:No.30, Kongmen Rd., Changhua City
Lukang Assembly Hall
Lukang Assembly Hall used to be Wanchun Gong Suhu Laoyeh Temple and was establi...
address:No.74, Putou St., Lukang Township
Mayor’s Residence
In the 9th year of Emperor Dazheng (1920), Taiwan implemented administrative ref...
address:No.166, Minquan Rd., Lukang Township
Xinzu Temple
In the winter of Qianlong 51, the immigrant leader Lin Shuang-wen began a rebell...
address:No.85, Putou St., Lukang Township, Taiwan
Lukang Wenwu Temple
Wen Kai Academy Three buildings of Wu Temple, Wenchang Temple, and Wen Kai Ac...
address:No.2, Qingyun Rd., Lukang Township
The Church of Luotso
Puxin Church of Luotso (Luocuo Catholic Church) was established in 1875. Luocuo ...
address:No.109, Luoyong Rd., Puxin Township