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Flower Fields

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Changhua Xizhou Gardens
The design of “Changhua Xizhou Gardens” borrowed green city construction experie...
address:No.138, Sec. 3, Zhongyang Rd., Xizhou Township
Tienwei Highway Garden
There are varies of flowers planted in TianWei flowers garden. In seasons, thous...
address:No.195-257, Sec. 1, Minsheng Rd., Tianwei Township
Shepherd Girl Parent-Child Theme Park
Shepherd Girl Theme Park presents you with education, health, and fun. It is a h...
address:No. 502, Wanggong Section, Fanghan Rd., Wanggong Village, Fangyuan Township
Daoxiang Recreational Farm
It is a biological farm consisting of European herbal plants and organic vegetab...
address:No.23, Ln. 169, Sec. 2, Zhangshui Rd
Naimi Leisure Farm
Integrating the elements of life, production, and ecology, the farm insists on g...
address:No.8, S. 2nd Side Ln., Dacun Township
Quey Yuan Ecological Farm
Located at Nanxin Village, Puyan Township, Changhua County, this farm is managed...
address:No. 27-3, Ln. 3, Haojin Rd., Puyan Township, Changhua County
Modern Garden Jabuticaba Co., Ltd.
Jaboticaba is also known as Myrciaria cauliflora or Brazilian Grape Tree, it was...
address:No.395, Ln. 100, Sec. 5, Shanjiao Rd., Tianzhong Township
Dah Chou Yuan Community Farm
Dah Chou Yuan was the first recreational farm approved by the Changhua County Bu...
address:No.442, Sec. 3, Yuanji Rd., Ershui Township
Bagua Mountain Insect Biological Farm
There are butterfly hall, caterpillar exhibition hall, and insect exhibition hal...
address:No.16, Sec. 5, Dazhang Rd., Fenyuan Township
Deer Work Recreational Ranch
Deer World is a deer ranch that has the largest herd of deer in the Changhua are...
address:No.63, Douyuan Rd., Erlin Township