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Lukang Artists Village

Lukang Artists Village
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Previously, the location of Lukang Artist Village was called “mullet squatter”, which was the working space of fish farmers for the convenience of catching mullets. Due to its special function, it was also called “Sha Zhou” (sand dune). During the Japanese rule, the river was filled to pave roads, and to build Japanese-style houses. In 1945, the ownership was taken over by the KMT Government, and was managed by Lukang Town Office. In 2009, Lukang Town Office secured funds from the authorities to refurbish this place. Integrating the context of the historic development of this place, cultural facilities and layout, it provides studios to artists for artistic creations and a platform for exchange with people.
Since May 2010, it was officially opened, beginning the first anniversary of the artist-in-residence program. Currently, it is the 11th anniversary of the artist-in-residence program. In recent years, in addition to promoting the artist village, it has also activated the originally idle spaces by building leisure zones, an outdoor green stage, and more. More activities, such as visual art exhibitions, artistic and literary activities, small culture trips, and more have been actively held to attract local people and visitors. It is hoped that with rich traditional crafts and historic monuments of Lukang, it will be developed into an international art space.

Address: Lukang Township, Changhua County
TEL: 886-4-7784337
Open Time: Please enquire with the Lukang Township Library at 886-4-7784337
(Actual opening times may vary depending on the schedules of the artists-in-residence)
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Lukang Artists Village
Lukang Artists Village