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Yongjing Public School Dormitory

Yongjing Public School Dormitory
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In 1898, the local gentry of Yongjing, including Chuang-Chen Ru-Gan and Wei Shang-Ying advocated public education and raised a fund to build a school. Next year, the Yongjing Public School was approved. At the initial stage, simple classrooms were built on the vacant land next to the Temple of the Three Mountain Kings and in1903, the school was relocated to the current site.

In 1929, Yongjing Credit Union (today's Yingjing Township Farmers' Association) funded a construction project, which built six dormitories for the teachers and officers of the Yongjing Administrative Office (today's Yongjing Township Office). The north room was the dormitory of the Township Office chief and the rest of the rooms were reserved for the teachers.

In the Republic Era, the school dormitories became dormitories for the single workers of the township office and school. After 1959, the rooms were renovated into family quarters. The Yongjing Public School Dormitory is a wooden Japanese style structure. The raised floor provides excellent ventilation and damp-proof and the exterior is equipped with rain shades made from cypress. The interior includes per-fabricated squat-type commode and urinal. It was considered a modern facility.

Address: No.2, Lane 25, Yongpo Rd., Yongjing Township
TEL: 886-4-7292201
Open Time: Please call to inquire