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About Changhua

Welcome to Changhua

Welcome to ChanghuaChanghua County is located in the center of Taiwan. It is a part of the Jiangnan Plains. Changhua is well known for its fertile soil and it is called the "Granary of Taiwan." Its population is 1.31 million and its area is 1,074 square kilometers.

In the 1700s, Lukang was the major political and economic town. There is an old saying "Yi-Fu, Er-Lu, San-Mengchia" (Tainan first, Lukang second, and Taipei third), which represents the importance of Changhua. Since then, Changhua has become the political center of central Taiwan.

Changhua County has varied crops. Also, the scenic views of mountains and historical architecture make Changhua County an attractive place to visit.

Furthermore, the Dadu River has rich ecological sources and attracts families to on weekends. Most important of all, Changhua is well known for its local foods. People come to Changhua to enjoy its delicious local snacks. As well, Changhua’s productive farmers produce various fruits and flowers. All of these resources make Changhua County a precious place to visit.