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Lukang Old Street
Putou street, Yaolin street and Dayou street in Lukang town.
Yaolin street and Putou street were business centers in the old Lukang; in the present day, they have been included in the ancient monument protection area. Walking on the red bricks, there is no noisy traffic and the tourists slow down their footsteps to stroll on the red bricks, immerse themselves in the literary and historical studios and seek childhood memories in the traditional shops. The ancient buildings, the old artifacts that repel evil spirits as well as the scrolls at the side reveal the life pace and style in the old days. As the tourism industry prospers in recent years, some house owner began to sell folk artworks, representing the new style of the old streets. While the tourists are reminiscent of the old time, there are more places to stop by.
Gorgeous Lukang Old Street-2
Lukang Town Butou St., Yaolin St. and Dayou St. Yaolin St. and Butou St. were once the business hub of Lukang in ancient times. They are now designated as protected historic monuments.
Lukang Old Street
Lukang Old Street
Magnificent Lukang Old Street-1
The ancient residence, evil-warding antiques, and couplets on either side portray the lifestyle of our ancestors. In recent years, the bourgeoning tourism industry has encouraged some homeowners to begin selling folk artworks, introducing a new appearance to the ancient streets to provide attractions for tourists to take a break while being immersed in nostalgia.
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Bustling street scene at the small town of Lukang.
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